Nine More Days

We’ve got nine days left in our first month of the 512 Project. This is not easy. Not that I expected it to be. My mom is visiting from Delaware and Dave is in California until Thursday for work. So we want to do fun stuff with our BecBec. She treated us to lunch at Elwood’s today after church and I resisted the temptation to ask her how much it cost, for comparison. She also tried to buy us the ground turkey I need for tonight’s dinner, but I declined. It didn’t seem in the spirit of the project to let her do lunch and dinner. 

Today’s covered, then. That leaves us with $145 for the following eight days. A little over $18 a day, so I am confident that we can see this first month through. My friend and a fellow Mama for Health, Joan, shared this page with me today. How does your (your family’s) food spending compare? Feel free to share here!

*A special Thank You to Jennifer Warnick at NBC12 for the delightful segment about The 512 Project she put together for the More Bang for Your Buck spot on the nightly news on Thursday, here in Richmond.


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