Chopping Garlic

I have probably chopped up garlic 2000 times at this point in my life, but the first time I ever cut into a bulb was in the dark, on a camping trip in Gulfport, Mississippi. With the light from a headlamp, I awkwardly peeled and chopped away, with the top of an electrical transformer box as my work space.
I was there with a group called the Delaware Beach Brigade to help with rebuilding after Hurricane Katrina. Helping to feed our group was something that felt deeply satisfying and extremely important. I remember thinking about how sticky that garlic was and the fragrance lingered on my hands well into the next day.
Feeding my family carries that same deep satisfaction for me. There are few dishes I make that don’t include garlic. I’ve chopped it up for greens and soups and stir-fries and to swallow raw to fight off a cold. If a recipe calls for two cloves, I up it to six without a second thought. It is the first thing we ever grew in our garden. It is food and flavor and medicine and love.
Cooking for my family and friends does not feel like a chore to me. It isn’t one more thing on my To-Do List. It is love in action.
The time spent in my kitchen is never time wasted. It is a chance to slow down and reconnect with what is really important. The food we eat becomes our bodies, our energy, our thoughts and emotions. I want to fill my family up on the love and care that I put into our food. And the garlic. Always the garlic. When my hands smell of garlic, I know things are alright.
Happy eating.


One thought on “Chopping Garlic

  1. “The food we eat becomes our bodies, our energy, our thoughts and emotions. ” seriously. that line needs to be trademarked or something!!!!

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