The Dinner They Didn’t Love

So tonight’s dinner was a sort-of fail. I had some leftover ground turkey from our shepherd’s pie dinner last night. I also had half a can of diced tomatoes, just a few fresh tomatoes, and goat cheese. So I made some pasta and concocted a sauce out of my other hodge podge ingredients. Steamed a head of broccoli and thought we were good to go. Dave is out of town, so it was just the kids and I and I think I’m the only one who enjoyed our dinner. Thank goodness it was cheap and that I know Rowan ate a great breakfast and lunch. Looks like it’s my lunch (and probably dinner) tomorrow, too.

Not every dinner is going to be a smash success, I suppose. And I am proud of using up the straggler food items in our fridge. I am very by-the-book in the kitchen, so it was a risk for me to wing it a little. 

This also touches on the topic of picky eating as it applies to our kids. In our family, what’s for dinner is what’s for dinner. I certainly make an effort to prepare things that I think Rowan will like, but I don’t make special “kid food” or fix her something separate from what David and I are eating. We (strongly) encourage her to try new foods, but it is up to her how much or whether she eats. If she doesn’t eat enough dinner, you can bet she’ll eat a hearty breakfast. And sweet little Simon just eats what we eat. He doesn’t know any better, yet, to be picky about foods. Last night he destroyed some beets (so did Rowan.) 

And on the numbers front, I went shopping at Trader Joe’s yesterday with my mom and spent more than I meant to, but I got what feels like A LOT of food. We’ve got a week left, food to last us a few days, and $50 left to spend. 

PS- my mom left a half bottle of wine and some dark chocolate covered almonds. These indulgences are so NOT in our budget and I am enjoying them to the highest. 


One thought on “The Dinner They Didn’t Love

  1. Simon sounds like Shae who’s a veritable eating machine; unlike her mother who eschews most vegetables. $50 to go….should be pretty easy! ❤

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