We Are Back on the 512!

The Luscans are back on the 512 Project! (I am technically shooting for $476, due to the decrease in food assistance benefits.) My last post aired some of my frustrations with how the project was feeling for me in light of hunger and food insecurity issues in our country. I would highly recommend the film A Seat at the Table for everyone, but particularly for those also concerned with these issues. I believe we’ve found a way, also, to make this project work in alignment with doing something about these problems. I’ve decided, with Dave’s support and encouragement, to start a non-profit foundation to bring wellness coaching and healthy food to those who can afford to pay me for it as well as those who can’t. I have A LOT of homework to do on this and any feedback, support, ideas are all welcome. But one way to earn some start-up capital is through the money we’ll save by doing the 512 Project. Aha.

So, tonight’s dinner was very simple and kid-friendly. One easy way to save money on our food budget is by leaving out the meat. We had burritos on whole wheat tortillas with refried beans, rice, cheese, and plain greek yogurt (which is such a great substitute for sour cream that I picked up from my very smart friend Amy F.) We had beets over field greens and romaine with balsamic vinaigrette and a little goat cheese. And sweet potato french fries because Simon and Rowan love them so much. 

Thank you for hanging out with us while we are on our adventure, Take 2! And Happy New Year!


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